Ten Ways to Make your Home More Energy Efficient

The cost of Energy Efficient is increasing drastically, and the most hazardous consequence of the burning fuels of fossil is the release of greenhouse gases. These gasses are widely affecting our existence, endangering the living. As tragic as it can get, it can be worsened. However, there are several ways in which this can be prevented, preserving our planet. The best way to make a difference is to turn your house into an energy efficient home. It will enable you to save your planet and benefit you personally by decreasing your electricity bill. The average cost spent on utility bills is around $2000 per year. However, a substantial amount of that money can be saved by being wise about your choices when it comes to energy. It is usually not easy to benefit the environment and your budget, but by being a little more considerate, you can lead the way.

Adjust your Regulators

Saving energy as simple as turning the lights and fans off when you’re not in the room. Turning down the heater during the winters and minimizing the use of air conditioners has the greatest potential of utility savings. Nonetheless, these constitute around half of the average cost of utility bills.

Energy Saver Bulbs

Energy Saver Bulbs

Although energy efficient bulb costs more than the regular bulbs, they provide a longer service and cost less considering the longer run.

Professional Home Energy Audit

A search over the internet can help you track one of these. However just owning one is not the solution, you have to follow what they recommend for positive results.

Weather Strips and Seals

Weather strips to seal your doors and windows is a reasonable solution to prevent the waste of conditioned air. Moreover, the installation is easy and quick.

Make an Investment


Not everyone has the time to wash the dishes during their busy work schedules. In that case, invest in a modern dishwasher because it uses an average of 5.8 gallons of water compared to as much as 10 gallons the older models use.


Although fans can be noisy, they are a good option when it comes to keeping the temperature of your house comfortable during the hot summers. Fans will persist the use of air conditioners, cutting down the cost.

Smart Thermostat

The smart programmable thermostats adjust the temperature according to the usage by your family. They can sense when you’re home and when you are not and adjust the temperature accordingly

Power Extensions

Leaving devices plugged when they are not being used can utilize a significant amount of energy. Television, computers and appliances can increase your electricity bills even on standby. Using extension wires can help you turn of multiple devices at once.

Water Heater

The sleek tankless water heaters can save up to 30 percent of energy, leading to big savings every year. They last twice as long as the regular heaters as well.

Replace Everything

Although it may be costly at first, replacing all your home appliances. Air conditioners, heaters and washing machines with those that are labeled as energy efficient can be a worthy long-term investment.

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